How to stop police brutality of black men and women

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In the wake of the brutal murder of Alton Sterling, due to the banal cyclical reactions from the online black community, I’ve decided to pen this resolution.

First, let us examine the root of the problem. In short, it is poverty and lack of power. Blacks do not vote on the local level as a whole, so they have no POWER within their local government. Therefore, officials, including police will be appointed by someone other than them.

These incidents, for the most part, occur in poor neighborhoods, where drugs and violence run rampant. Because of this excessive behavior, there will be casualties from both the hands of blacks and police. That’s just common sense. Where there is tragedy one can only expect more tragedy.

So, how do we fix this? Theoretically, it’s a rather easy solution but in practice, it can be difficult for some.

If you examine nig-nog culture, they put their hard earned dollars into the same white hands that kill them. Money goes from white man to black man. From black man to liquor store to Arab/Asian/white man. Money goes from black man to stripper (sometimes white) to designer fashion (white man), nails (Asian man), hair (arab/Asian man).

Sidebar, I went to a natural hair show in Atlanta, and there was a white man with a large space selling hair weave. Out of all the booths, guess which one had all the traffic. You guessed it. The white man with the hair weave. Allow me to reiterate, this was at a NATURAL hair show.

Money goes from white man to black man, to sneakers (Asian/white man), clothing (Asian/white man), sports (white man). And please don’t rebuttal with that lame athlete million dollar contract argument. There are approx. 234 black men in the league and 21,500,000 black men total in the U.S. That’s 0.001%. That’s not even a quarter of 1%. Stop making excuses black man. The next place you see black people within the NBA organization is dancers and concessions stands. Basically, serfs and jesters for the ruling class.

The problem is, blacks don’t produce any of the above-described items. They are habitual and addicted consumers. In order for blacks to rise, they must become PRODUCERS. The problem is, blacks don’t know HOW to produce anything other than touchdowns, slam dunks, and rap music.

At the very basic level, humans need food, water, and shelter. Blacks produce next to none of these, But they are wholly dependent on the people who do. Therefore, they are at their mercy at any given time. Under these circumstances, one would come to expect things such as police brutality and black-on-black crime as a side-effect.

If blacks expect to improve their situation it would behoove them to withdraw at least SOME of their dependency from this system they call white-supremacy. How can you complain about a system you enjoy being a child of? Grow up.

What is an adult? Someone who is independent, accountable and responsible. The opposite of the black American. In fact, BLACKS DESPISE self-accountability. Therefore they are like a child, in this sense. These blacks cry for equality but equality is a black hole of false hope. Equality cannot be measured therefore you cannot track your progress on the way to success. If you can’t track your progress, how do you know if what you’re doing is working? And what specific action contributed to the change? It’s impossible to track. The goal is INDEPENDENCE.

If blacks wish dependency on the system, they must expect punishment and neglect. But if they work for independence, then they are no longer subject to the system and all of its nuances.

Blacks choose Democrat most of the time or Republican. Both of these parties are a part of the White Supremacy system, these blacks claim to fight. Yet, you signed up for their PARTY. Where is YOUR party? Where is YOUR system?

Truth is, the system was designed by Kemetians in antiquity, taught to the European who used a modified version (fiat currency) of this system to subjugate blacks (and whites) to a life of servitude to the ruling class. The only way to change your circumstances are to change your CLASS. People of poverty, no matter what color, NEVER get respect. When was the last time you hugged a bum?

Blacks hold the image of poverty. Sometimes they cling to this image like an identity, which exposes their mental disease. This mindset MUST change and they MUST start seeking ECONOMICS to change their CLASS. Don’t be trashy, be classy. There’s nothing wrong with it.

There is a propaganda campaign to control the image of everyone in this society. Arabs are known as terrorists and blacks are thugs. This is in all of your movies and TV programming. Love and hip hop, OITNB, Empire, etc. These shows are owned and controlled by the same white supremacist system blacks claim to “fight” yet they support with their attention. That type of behavior can be defined as hypocrisy and/or bigotry.

Here’s a hard pill to swallow. Very hard. Especially for blacks. Are you ready? Turn off the TV and pick up a book. It starts with you setting the example for those around you. It will spread and become contagious. Currently, your contagious habits are harmful, restricting and cancerous. Your habits fuel the so-called oppression and benefit the so-called oppressor.

If you want to see what’s wrong with the world, look in the mirror. We are all the same and we all contribute to it. You have a smartphone, right? We all know that these devices are created from African child slavery. We are all guilty. Again. Look. in. the. mirror.


Ali Shakur