10 Reasons Why the Paris Terror Attacks Were Executed by the CIA

Hannibal is at the Gate did not write this story but only wish to bring these points to light. The Paris attacks definitely scream false flag. Now France has an excuse to get involved in the current war in Syria which is currently being fought between USA vs Russia.

1. The Terror Warnings
In the month of November alone, the state-sponsored terror whistle-blower website Truther.org issued 5 terror alerts in respect to impending Islamic terror attacks in France (i.e., the November 1, 2015, Terror Alert, the second November 1, 2015, Terror Alert, the November 5, 2015, Terror Alert, the November 8, 2015, Terror Alert, and the November 9, 2015, Terror Alert). The latter warning was issued just 96 hours prior to the Paris Terror Attacks. Needless to say, false-flag attacks were expected in France.

2. ISIS Motive for Attack
In order to provide a timely motive for revenge attacks in France by the state-sponsored terror group known as ISIS, it was reported on November 5, 2015, that France deployed its only aircraft carrier against ISIS. The only problem with the propaganda report is that the French aircraft carrier entitled the “Charles de Gaulle” was already deployed against ISIS back on January 6, 2015. Consequently, it can be deduced that the November 5, 2015, report was fraudulent in nature and was only fabricated at the behest of the CIA in order provide a timely motive for ISIS attacks in France which coincidentally transpired a week later.

3. The 7 Invisible Attacks/Terrorists
The Paris Terror Attacks were reportedly carried out by 7 terrorists affiliated with ISIS who allegedly wore suicide vests containing the explosive TATP. The terrorists allegedly killed themselves by detonating their suicide vests or were reportedly shot and killed by French police. Despite the fact that the Paris Terror Attacks reportedly took place at 7 different locations in Paris (i.e., Bataclan Concert Hall, La Belle Equipe, Le Carillon Bar, La Casa Nostra Restaurant, Le Petit Cambodge Restaurant and Stade de France), there is not one photo or video of the alleged 7 terrorists, the suicide bombing explosions, or the final shootout between the terrorists and police. This is highly suspect considering that Paris is equipped with CCTV cameras and virtually everyone nowadays has a camera on their cell phone. Consequently, the invisibility of the attacks suggest that: a) the Paris Terror Attacks did not transpired as purported, b) the attackers may not have been Islamic in nature, and/or c) the real terrorists (i.e., Special Forces) may still be alive. In the aftermath of this report, photos and videos purporting to be of the 7 terrorists will predictably be leaked by the CIA.

4. Asylum Seeker/Refugee Attack
As predicted by Truther.org just 96 hours prior to the Paris Terror Attacks on November 13, 2015, the impending wave of Islamic terror in France would feature “attacks by Islamic terrorists posing as asylum seekers and refugees”. The refugee-related terror attack was specifically executed by the CIA in order to provide a timely motive to repeal the Dublin Regulation which governs asylum law in Europe, namely in Switzerland (see below). Similar to the 9/11 Attacks in which the unscathed passport of terrorist Satam al-Suqami and the unscathed passport of terrorist Mohamed Atta were found at Ground Zero after the planes they hijacked crashed and exploded into the World Trade Center towers, the passport of a Paris terrorist was found which predictably conformed that the Syrian refugee claimed asylum in Greece.

5. The Banning of Public Gatherings
In a desperate attempt to contain the shocking news that CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva was in fact behind the Paris Terror Attacks, the French government has banned all public gatherings and demonstrations in Paris until Thursday, November 19, 2015. Needless to say, the ban is highly suspicious and suggests that the French government has something to hide.

6. The CIA Meeting
The notion that the CIA was behind the Paris Terror Attacks was confirmed, albeit in a de facto manner, on November 14, 2015, when it was revealed that CIA director John O. Brennan met with the head of French intelligence director Bernard Bajolet just prior to the attacks. This meeting was specifically organized by the CIA in order to muddy the waters in respect to the fact that the CIA in Switzerland (not America) was behind the attack. In other words, if and when it’s finally revealed that the attacks were executed by the CIA, the fake CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia will be blamed, not the real CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

7. The G20 Meeting in Turkey
The Paris Terror Attacks on November 13, 2015, transpired less than 48-hours prior to 2015 G-20 Antalya Summit in Antalya, Turkey on November 15-16, 2015. Consequently, the attacks and how they related to current asylum law in Europe will predictably be the focus of the summit. Needless to say, draconian changes to European asylum law are forthcoming. Said changed will lead to the repealing of the Dublin Regulation which governs asylum law in Europe, namely in Switzerland.

8. Pre-Paris Terror Attack Logistics
Similar to how the World Trade Center towers were sold just prior to the 9/11 Attacks, the Bataclan Theater in Paris was sold by a Jewish family 2-months prior to the Paris Terror Attacks. Consequently, it can be deducted that the owners had foreknowledge of the impending attack and subsequently sold their theater to: a) avoid bankruptcy, and b) avoid the political firestorm which was sure to follow had they retained possession of the property. In other words, the Bataclan Theater, which suffered 89 deaths during the attacks, is no longer in Jewish hands, dispelling any notion that the attack was coordinated in-part by Zionist operatives on the ground. In order to further sell this notion to the public, it was reported on November 14, 2015, that an extremist group entitled the “Army of Islam” has threatened the Bataclan in 2011. Since there is no report of this alleged incident in 2011, it can be deduced that the Army of Islam report is fraudulent in nature and was only created as political cover for the attack.

9. Premeditated Global Media Campaign
As depicted in the Huffington Post report from November 14, 2015, entitled “World Reacts In Solidarity With Paris After Terror Attacks”, numerous buildings and landmarks around the world were simultaneously lit up with the blue, white and red colors of the French flag just minutes after the Paris Terror Attacks. These include but are not limited to: The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany; the One World Trade Center (i.e., Freedom Tower) in New York City; the Sydney Opera House in Australia; the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, China; and the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico. A state-of-the art media campaign was also launched on social media platforms which included a viral “Peace for Paris” symbol which was wrongly attributed to the artist Banksy. There is also a Facebook campaign in which users are able to add the colors of the French Flag to their profile photos in order to show solidarity. Lastly, there was also a “#PrayforParis” hashtag which also went virial in the wake of the attacks. Needless to say, this was a globally coordinated effort, a feat only the CIA could pull off as they are in command and control of most corporations as well as all 206 countries and territories of the world.

10. Paris Terror Endgame
The Paris Terror Attacks were designed to set in motion a chain of event which will predictably lead to draconian changes to European asylum policy, namely in Switzerland. Considering that I, David Chase Taylor officially applied for political asylum in Switzerland on July 17, 2015 and have yet to receive one appointment (a violation of the Dublin Regulation), it now appears that the refugee crisis in Europe as well as the refugee-related terror attacks in Paris were orchestrated by the CIA in order to drastically change Swiss asylum law. In other words, the CIA is flooding Europe with tens of thousands of asylum seekers and refugees as political cover so that they can execute horrific attacks in order to provide a timely motive to revoke the Dublin Regulation so that my pending case for political asylum in Switzerland will never be heard. Consequently, more refugee-related terror attacks are likely forthcoming.

This story originally appeared on truthernews and written by David Chase Taylor