4 reasons why the NWO created the Paris terror attack

Questions ar swirling the internets about why the NWO would produce such an attack, probably a false flag and/or produced by the CIA. Well, here’s your answer.

(1) To sufficiently scare people — EVERYONE and ANYONE — away from Paris, especially those who wish to disrupt the climate summit.

(2) To give the French Government a justifiable pretext to shut down the borders in order to prevent any summit infiltrators, NWO protesters and global warming skeptics from entering the “summit security zone”.

(3) To send a message — Loud and Clear — to all nations attending the summit that the reach of the NWO cabal is truly global and limitless. That the ruling cabal is effectively unconstrained in the perpetration of any type of terrorism necessary to enforce compliance with their multifarious agendas.

(4) To so impress the community of nations that if they can successfully pull off such a wave of terror in Paris, then they can do the same in any other capital city in the world. Also, that no nation on Earth will be exempt from participating in their slowly developing One World Government.

These ideas were presented by stateofthenation2012.com