Written by Ali Shakur

Bill Clinton is to give the eulogy at Muhammad Ali’s funeral. After mulling this one over, thinking about the many blacks that could have given a eulogy, and observing those selected, it does look funny in the light.

Billy Crystal I’m actually okay with and only because of his role in “Comic Relief” alongside Whoopi Goldberg, and the late great Robin Williams which shows, I do believe, his organic and wholesome nature.

Bryant Gumbel is the whitest black guy in history but okay, I guess. Maybe Ali had close relationships with these people; I don’t know.

We have to assume that the family is okay with this. Laila Ali is okay with this. So, if they’re okay with this then I am okay with this. They know him better than the rest of us.

But Bill Clinton? This is the perfect time and place to insert Hillary Clinton propaganda. His eulogy alone is propaganda. Relationships and politics run the world. This just further provides evidence to prove Hillary will be our next president.

Post Script..
I believe there was a conspiracy to give Ali Parkinson’s and therefore keep him quiet. We all know how vocal he was.