Black only high school meeting sparks controversy

There’s a racial controversy over a planned meeting at a Houston high school.

Klein Oak High School is expected to host a meeting and apparently only black students have been invited.

It is being called a unity rally, but in this case, it means only African-American students were invited and only African-American students would be in attendance, according to district officials.

The idea is reportedly a collaboration between black students and administrators at Klein Oak High School.

When asked why only black students are being allowed to attend the meeting, school officials say they wanted those students to feel comfortable to attend.

The meeting is scheduled to happen during second period today.

One parent of a African-American student says she is not happy about the meeting in the least, and the students themselves are wondering why they are being singled out for their race.

The parent who spoke with abc13 says she wants to know how this is supposed to make students feel free, and is worried the district is trying to begin a new form of segregation.