We move forward or we just float on this rock. So on we go. Black folks. Melanin saturated peoples. Men in the front, women in the back. That’s offensive. Everyone outside our blessed indigenous race knows what our issues are. We know what plagues us but cannot stop it from digging deeper into our community. We scramble and we disperse information to an audience who just came for the free appetizers. We are kings and queens. Hardly. Thuggin’ and ratchet muggin’ describes us better. Maybe just on television. From the time we are born, our boys and girls need to form a tighter bond.

The constructs of building the bridge between men and women is our first priority in unifying the community. We must fix home, because its in danger of foreclosure. That escrow bone dry and the property value crashed the market. The presence of evil was injected into our communities long ago, and we allowed it. All of us. This negative addition of division within our multiplication has our math all wrong. Its been breeding for too long. They had a plan, and they executed very well. It is time for us to do better. Black men and women, I talk to you.

We have been conditioned to see the negative in our people, as well as ourselves. That poisonous energy circulates all around us. For those of us lucky enough to remove negativity from our soul, chances are we still experience it on some level from peers or family. If our men and women can’t see the good in each other, what chance to any other sub groups have? Mother nature says we balance each other and we challenge her authority.

Only two ways out of this mess we are currently in. The first option is to obliterate the black community. Obliterate it with love. Everyone walking around is so hurt inside. Mental/emotional/spiritual health is at an all-time low. If you add in internet emotions then we live in a toxic swamp of nuclear radiation. Everyone needs love and support from day one. Way too many of our supposed strengths as black people are actually defense mechanisms from crippling insecurities. It’s not attitude, its not tough, those laughs aren’t real and no one wants to fight. We just hurt. Love can heal the inner workings. Too many of us spend our 20’s exploring how to overcome childhood wounds instead of prospering and dominating. Let the love flow. Turn your opinions off and just feel it. Soak it up and reciprocate and watch every petty topic we argue about take care of itself.

For those not ready to give and receive love, the other option is absence. Stay away from the negativity. Disappear. Banish evil doers from your circle. If a woman is not adding to your progress and brings negativity, start a new life in a far away land. If that man you seek is not willing to commit and plays more games than romance, leave him with a cloud of smoke and reappear atop Mount Prosperous. Your subconscious soaks up all energies you take in, so simply disagreeing with it is not enough. You are still eating it for breakfast. Break away. I’ve never met a person so focused on their goals with time to look back to make everyone agree with their methods of work. Sometimes the best way to make people feel your struggle is to make them feel your absence. Only then will the heart grow fond. Don’t let them trick you, we love each other! But take some time apart if it’s needed. Being alone and focused is where art is born.

We are all aware of the enemy who put us in this hole. Time to acknowledge who keeps destroying the ladder. It’s us. Collectively we need to clasp the hands and start stepping up on shoulders. The black love story is not one for television or reality. It lives in what cannot be explained. Its above words, visuals, or explanations. To be in love with a black woman, and her the same to you, is everything that embodies the existence of life itself. True magic.  This is the type of energy we must introduce our seeds into. We know of the situations too many of our children are born into. Toxic. Repeats the cycle we seem to be stuck in. Once we can secure the bond, it is unbreakable. That is how we create a nation of natural born leaders. Together.

It’s time we ALL make lightwork of simple steps and start shooting for bigger goals. Next generation we shouldn’t hold any titles in this world but boss. The only status we should have is single, or married. Time to phase out the baby mama/daddy generation. The peace flag is up, lets get this money. Empire building is fun and we are wasting time ripping up each others blue prints. If you disagree, then do it your way and do it well. Anyone not in the pursuit of excellence will be disregarded. Time to make progress. Time to make love. Hit the lights.