Black Lives Matter protestors shot at #4thPrecintShutdown

Five people were shot at a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis late Monday night. The Associated Press spoke with Minneapolis police who confirmed the shootings. Police spokesman John Elder told AP all five have injuries that are not life-threatening.

Hannibal: At least no one was killed.

The local newspaper The Star Tribune reported that the five people shot were protesters. Black Lives Matter media contact Miski Noor told The Star Tribune “a group of white supremacists showed up at the protest, as they have done most nights.” When the activists tried to get the white supremacists to leave, Noor said the racists “opened fire on about six protesters.” Five were allegedly hit.

Hannibal: Not to be super critical, but if this were done in an organized fashion, like informing the town and pulling permits, then the police would be protecting you. You wouldn’t have to worry about anyone interrupting your demonstration. When you pull these guerrilla style protests, you have to expect dangerous consequences, especially at night.

Hannibal: You expected the police, that you’re protesting, to rush to your aid? This has to be the definition of insanity…

According to Deputy Police Chief Medaria Arradondo, the victims were taken to a nearby hospital.

The shooters fled the scene of the crime. No arrests had been made as of the early hours of Tuesday morning Eastern time.
Hannibal: The shooters were probably off duty police officers or friends of police.

Local reporters David Montgomery and Sam Richards also confirmed the shootings on Twitter.

Days before the shootings, local Minneapolis publication City Pages reported that white supremacists had threatened Black Lives Matter activists with a gun.

For the past week, Black Lives Matter activists have protested the police killing of unarmed black 24-year-old Jamar Clark. Multiple witnesses say Clark was shot by Minneapolis police while he was handcuffed.

Hannibal: How come the protestors never protested the death of Kendal Fenwick or the countless other lives taken at the hands of other black people? Or how come these people never protest the GMO foods being pumped into our communities that poison the food supply, while white neighborhoods get Whole Foods? This is what happens when protests are paid for by white liberals. Nothing useful gets accomplished.

Hannibal: So, you chased the people away, then wonder why they opened fire? This also, has to be the definition of insanity. If a mob of people were chasing me and I had a firearm, I’m probably going to open fire too.

The Monday night shootings occurred near an alley approximately a block away from the precinct station, where activists have been protesting.

Local activists say the shooters in the attacks were the same white supremacists who had previously threatened them, but the identities of the shooters have not yet been confirmed by authorities.

The hashtag #4thPrecinctShutDown was trending on social media in the wake of the attacks. Activists who were at the protest have been characterizing the shootings as a white supremacist terrorist attack.

Hannibal: The only hashtag I’m concerned with is #DARKAct. We lose 50x the amount of lives to our diet, than we do the police but nobody says anything. Why? Because we’re addicting to the diet given to our ancestors during slavery.

Hannibal: According to this testimony, the BLM protestors assaulted these men before they opened fire. Looks like they got what they asked for. And, if you’re going to be a mob, at least have some firearms of your own. The police aren’t going to help. That’s the same force that fires tear gas and rubber bullets at you. Don’t expect them to help, silly.

In conclusion, if you clap, expect the clap back. This is the laws of nature. I see nothing surprising here. Just another disorganized BLM protest with no clear goal or solution, that provides racist white cops, overtime pay. A real solution is, building up your community with your own police force so you don’t have to depend on others. The time spent laying in the street, we could have had meetings and been working in our communities. But once again, the powers that be, want us wasting our time and not doing anything effective.

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