Why are Hoteps calling for the resignation of Ebony’s Senior Editor, Jamilah Lemieux?

Written by Charmelodi

As a woman in a highly respected position and responsible for the impressions placed on the minds of many, Jamilah Lemieux has been deemed irresponsible. With authority comes responsibility and I’m going to unfold how careless she has been with her position of power.

My colleagues and I have been assaulted by this woman and her feminist cult on numerous occasions. Jamilah displays dictatorial qualities, which have been proven time and again by her abrasive actions on Twitter. In the example above, she elected to police my opinion and not only that, in an offensive manner. I’m sure this violates Twitter’s recent mission to curb cyber-bullying.

I find it ironic that this female and her cohorts complain about having their voices silenced and often use the popular term, “erasure,” all while becoming conductors and advocates of this exact same behavior. This is the epitome of hypocrisy. Just because someone does not agree with feminist ideology, which borders on being a cult/gang; disagreement does not call for public castigation.

Others are allowed to express their opinions on feminism; that is not erasure. Erasure is when those people express their opinions and because they don’t their general narrative, they are attacked. Unfortunately, Jamilah is an attacker.

Let’s move on.

Objective journalism has died and Jamilah is a prime example of this fact. The entire feminist agenda is polarized, emotional and there are no facts in sight; only opinions. In her article, “Bill Cosby Probably Had to Google ‘Damon Wayans’ Last Week”, she went out of her way to attack prominent black men. She refers to Damon Wayans as “bizarre & sexist”. Why? Because he doesn’t align with your views? There is no objectivity in her reasoning. Jamilah is a feminist extremist and displays zero tolerance for opposition.

Jamilah has abused her privilege as Senior Editor of the historic brand, Ebony Magazine, and taken advantage of the opportunity to assassinate a black person’s character. The “5 Black Sitcoms to Fill the ‘Cosby’ Void” article she wrote was tasteless and malicious. This is an obvious attempt at damaging his legacy and harming his income. When she refers to Bill Cosby’s defense as, “FINALLY FINISHED”, in another article, it’s almost as if she WANTS to see another black male behind bars. Aren’t we fighting mass incarceration? Whose side are we on? One minute it’s Black Lives Matter and the next you’re jumping on the system’s side. Whatever happened to a fair trial? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Why is anyone who wants a fair trial for Cosby deemed ‘Hotep’? It must make you sick that Cosby cases are being dismissed and he’s now suing his accusers.

Moving on…

She and the feminist cult/gang are hurt from past relationships with men and it’s showing. They have a very evident hate for black men. They need healing before they step into positions of power because they are toxic and contagious. Spreading hate is not going to calm the black struggle, it will fan the flames if anything. Just because you couldn’t work things out with your baby’s father, doesn’t mean you have to take it out on the world.

And since we’re on the topic, it would be much appreciated if Jamilah would refrain from using the “I am a single mother” line for sympathy because it’s played out. She is NOT a single mother; she is a mother who happens to be single because she CHOSE to be single. Every child has a father. “Single mother” is a title for women who have to raise their children on their own due to circumstances beyond their control. Jamilah is NOT that. Luckily for me, I’ll never be invited to one of her pity parties.

We read your ” I’m a Single Mom, But I Am Also the Greatest Mom of All Time, So There” article and it wreaks of insecurity. In this piece, you stated that your concerns include, “not having on the shortest dress at a someone else’s kid’s birthday party”. It’s the child’s birthday party and all you can think about is how short your dress is? That’s narcissistic behavior as chronicled here and toxic.

This petty division is embarrassing for us Americans of African origin. If we never show solidarity and support each other regardless of personal preferences; how can we demand the same from other races? Notice how we seldom see other races airing out their dirty laundry in public or shaming each other for their various opinions and decisions. This is an every day thing with black people however; a slew of black women attacked me on social media recently because I truly feel that we do NOT need feminism. One RT from Jamilah sent my mentions to feminist Twitter hell. So much for feminism, huh? Black women are supposed to be protecting each other but here they are, looking for a catfight. SMH

Your insecurities with your body could be due to your soda addiction. Soda, which leads to diabetes and other health risks is a large killer of the black community. You should think about laying off of it and suggest a healthier diet to the women that look up to you. That’s just a personal suggestion.

I don’t mind the feminists feeble attempts to ‘drag’ me for my views, it’s quite entertaining, but it makes us all look dysfunctional and trivial. Natural sense dictates that for every up, there must be a down. This is a universal law. For every woman that agrees with feminism, there will be a woman that disagrees. Mainstream platforms are reserved for women like Jamilah who agree with widespread ideologies and women like myself are cast out for having our own minds. This is NOT freedom of speech.

Some of us don’t need an -ism or -schism or -ic to cling to as part of our identity. Not being associated with your gang doesn’t mean you have to call us names, don’t we already have enough people calling us names?

We know you’re unhappy with your life, as we can see from the above tweet, in which you admit to pushing people for “walking too slow”. You’re a bully externalizing internal pain. We ask that you seek help before stepping up to the privilege you’ve been given at Ebony Magazine. We ask that you step down as Senior Editor or stand down by curbing your attitude and start conducting yourself properly as a leader in the black community.


The Hoteps