Black Lives Matter Supporter beaten & removed from Donald Trump Rally In Alabama

Black Lives Matter movement supporter was forced out of a Donald Trump rally in Birmingham, AL earlier today.
Hannibal: Watching them try to throw this black man out was hilarious. He was obviously too big for them to handle. The one cop trying to restrain his left arm with that MMA technique seemed mentally defeated with the struggle.

A Rise News reporter was on the ground and took video of the incident.

Jordan Cissell, our reporter relayed what he saw as he was watching the rally from the crowd:

“About ten feet behind me a scrum broke out in the crowd. The guy was shouting black lives matter and working his way through the crowd. A wall of people turned and started pushing against him. Then this group moved down like somebody had been shoved to the ground. Them the cops and security came and escorted him out. The BLM guy seemed wild eyed, then he started shouting fuck Trump as they walked him out.”

Many in the crowd told the man to calm down and told him that all lives mattered.

Trump said to throw the man out and made fun of news reporters for turning to film him.
Hannibal: Throwing a black man out of a Trump speech is a bigger story than a Trump speech. Trump was just upset that it was so easy to steal the attention. The media did the right thing, from a business perspective, to get that footage.

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