So, Buzzfeed decided to put together a viral video which trolls blacks in America and it’s worked to perfection. As, I’ve stated before, media is gettin rich off of black rage. Of course, pretty much everyone with #BlackLivesMatter in their bio is upset. That’s probably because it hit home. If it doesn’t apply, let it fly, right?

I think the majority of these questions need to be addressed if blacks want to gain any upward momentum. It’s time for blacks to take a good look in the mirror.

If blacks are upset, the only reason they should be upset, is because this was done on a white-owned platform. But then again, Ebony Magazine, The Root and others aren’t black owned so there’s a ton of cooning happening in the media, one way or the other.

1. Why does 5-10 always become 20 – 30?
Because black people have very little respect for time. I find it annoying and irresponsible. Much of this comes from procrastination and laziness which is one of blacks’ major weaknesses.

2. If my dab is on fleek am I lit?
This question is silly and I guess inserted for banter. Majority of people will classify this as “cooning”, but their favorite TV shows are cooning? So, I don’t understand the outrage.

The answer would be, “yes”, of course.

3. Why is it a problem if I like anime?
This is an EXCELLENT question! Black people definitely look at you funny for watching anime but then turn around and watch black women throw drinks on each other at a fake cocktail party.

Within Japanese animation is hidden a wealth of gems, clues about spirituality, and even hints of Ancient Africa. Blacks are closed minded and impatient. Anime, stretches the imagination which is the antithesis of a closed minded person. And for the impatient, waiting three episodes for Goku to charge up his Spirit Bomb can be grueling.

4. Why do black people look at your shoes before they greet you?
I believe this is a very old tradition subconsciously passed down through the generations. It is only within the past 30 years that people own so many pairs of shoes. In previous decades, it was customary to own maybe one or two pairs of shoes and people walked barefoot regularly, especially children. With that in mind, if you looked at someone’s shoes, you could determine their level of wealth. I’ve heard mothers and grandmothers say, “a good man wears good shoes”. My father, super old school, says, “A man should always wear a good pair of shoes”.

I think we should all be barefoot, but that’s just me. This opinion would actually make me “white” culturally, to some blacks. Ha!

In the black community, raggedy shoes are a no-go. Go to a “black” mall and then visit a “white” mall. Take a look are the disparity in the amount of shoe stores. The “black mall” has sneaker stores EVERYWHERE. Thanks to pro-sports and celebrity endorsements, brainwashing the masses to pay $200 for a pair of shoes that cost $15 for black slaves to make, at less than $2/hr, has been easy. (See video below)

5. Why are we more likely to engage in the new dance trend than we are to get involved in politics or opening a business?
Blacks are naturally rhythmic beings. Many scholars say it is due to the abundance of melanin in their bodies. There’s nothing wrong with being a dancer but there’s everything wrong with being a dancing FOOL. If one is to dance, they need to dance their way into Town hall and black-owned businesses. Excellent question, by the way.

6. How did watermelon become our thing?
This one is easy. Put anything in the movies, shows, and advertisements long enough, consistent enough, and you can make it a thing. says blacks sold watermelon after being given their freedom. Please note that in China and Japan, Watermelon is a popular gift to bring a host.

7. Why do you get upset when I don’t like a black celebrity?
Thank you!! This is one of the most ridiculous and childish things that so many blacks do. The problem is, their lives suck so they live vicariously through these celebrities. Their ego is so wrapped up in celebrity lives, that these people start to think that they are Rihanna or Nicki Minaj. They have these weird emotional connections to celebrities. They are delusional. To attack a celebrity is like you are attacking them or a family member. Blacks need a TV/Movie/media detox. They need 30 – 60 days to just live in the rain forest and cleanse their mind. Become one with nature.

8. Why do we call each other the “N” word but get vehemently upset when a white people use the “n” word?
Well, we’ve been trained this way. Every racist interaction that caused conflict between whites and blacks, portrayed in movies etc, was sparked by the usage of the word nigger.

I happen to call niggas, niggas, all the time. I too am a product of my environment. In some ways I see how people can perceive it as a flaw and in some ways I see it as a strength. It depends how you look at it. If a white person uses it and a black doesn’t get mad, I’m fine with it. If they use it and a black person punches them in the face, I will definitely chuckle and probably feel good about it. White people should know better.

I hear people of all races these days calling each other “nigga”. Mexican, Indian, white, African, Jamaican. EVERYBODY! I think rap music normalized the word.

9. Why is my natural hair seen as a political statement?
I understand the frustration of this question. The truth is, because a majority of black females wear weaves or wigs. It is actually quite surprising to see a black woman with natural hair, these days. And in my own experience, these are not the most approachable people because they are highly political and belong to groups like feminism. The hair has become a political statement and at this time, I think it should. Too many women are adopting European hairstyles.

Many black women hate their hair. It hurts my soul because it is probably worse in Africa. I spoke to a sister in S. Africa who vehemently stated that she would not be caught dead outside with her natural hair. Obviously, her mind has been colonized. Have you ever wondered why Africans ALWAYS have their hair in braids? (Poor edges) I’ve also done a video on this, although my views have changed since.

10. Why do we think people with light skin look better than people with dark skin?
Another easy question. The dominant society is white, therefore, the closer you get to that, the closer you get to perceived superiority. And almost every light skin person gets that big shot in Hollywood and TV.

11. Do you really believe that black is beautiful? Or is that something you say because it sounds cool?

The majority of these people are saying it to convince themselves of it and because it sounds cool. It’s a fad amongst the college age black liberals. Overall, I think this is a good thing. I just wish it had more substance.

12. Why do some black people say you’re pretty for a dark skin girl?
“Pretty” is subjective based upon what the society deems it is. We’ve already covered how white or light is perceived as superior, so it is the dark skin with “whiter” features that people are attracted to. For example, thinner, lips, eyes, and smaller nose. The skin is black but the features are “white”.

Also, dark skin women have been told or shown their whole life that they are unattractive naturally. So either they take poor care of themselves, letting themselves go or they try too hard and look even crazier. I’ve seen some naturally pretty black women turn into what looks like a transexual, after they add the heavy makeup and wig/weave.

13. Why do some black men only date white women?
If you can’t be a white man, the next best thing is to have his woman.

14. Why is okay for black men to date white women but not okay for black women to date outside her race?
Women are the progenitors of the society. Once she starts making babies with other races, you’re doomed. No man wants to see his woman with another man.

On the flip side, from the female perspective, it’s just the opposite. Women hate to see a black man with a white woman but celebrate when someone like Eve or Blac Chyna scores a white man. Double standard much? ?

15. Why do you protest black lives matter and then tear each other down in the next breath?
EXCELLENT QUESTION! I’m glad this was asked and I know it ruffled a few feathers. Please read my article, “Why do blacks hate Hoteps?” for clarity on the matter.

In short, almost everyone online that supports #BlackLivesMatter, is a bigot and hypocrite.

16. Why do we say that we don’t want to be seen as a monolith but then try to take people’s black cards away?
Once again, because black people are narrow-minded hypocrites. They say one thing and then do another. I can’t stand it. It’s cognitive dissonance.

17. Why are we quick to support a non-black owned business but hesitant to support a black owned business?
Now we’re getting somewhere! The white man’s ice is colder than the black man’s. Again, this goes back to being the dominant race in the society. If you can’t be the white man, the next best thing is to own his things.

Another reason, is because blacks, sometimes, run some really ghetto businesses? Why do Jamaican restaurants always run out of something? Why does the barber have to stop cutting your hair, to hold a conversation with someone else? Why does the business sign say OPEN 10AM but its 10:30am and the doors aren’t open? Things need to be addressed on both ends.

There is also the jealous, crabs in the barrel mentality which I think is highly prevalent amongst blacks. They love to tear each other down, fueled by envy.

18. Is there a cut off time for this whole homophobic thing in the black community?
I don’t even know what the definition of homophobia is anymore because the term has been thrown around so loosely. I do not want gay men around my son, I don’t want it in their schools, I don’t want it in their movies or children’s programs. In 2016, I believe this makes me homophobic.

If there is a pro-LGBT movement, there will be an anti. That is the law of duality within nature. Everything balances itself out. I think it is okay to be anti because LGBT is a sexual preference and I do not send my kids to school for sex. I send them there to learn. So once boundaries like that are breached, I think we have a problem and need the anti.

19. Why is growing up without a father so common in our race?
Vietnam, drugs, and government assistance destroyed the black community. A woman can have a man’s child, and be rewarded by the government for kicking him out the family structure. Also, look at question 18 and see how this affects children.

20. Why don’t we like to confront our own mental health issues?
Maybe because we’re too busy buying weave, weed, alcohol, and sneakers to cover up the pain. The first step to solving your issues is to admit you have them. Until women are ready to admit that they wear weaves, wigs, and makeup to hide insecurities; And until the men stop doing the same with Gucci belts and Jordan; we will see no resolve on the matter.

“Unhappy people cover up inner issues with outer things.” – Ali Shakur

21. Why is there a checklist for being black?
Every culture has a checklist. Once you label something “black”, you’ve now created the requirement for a checklist, as you now must describe what your label means. If you don’t want a checklist, don’t label yourself.

22. Why is being educated considered a white thing? Why can’t I love school and also be black?
Because blacks are uneducated as a whole. Education is a privilege, not a right and most blacks cannot afford the privilege of education. This is just a harsh truth. Deal with or fix it.

Also, blacks support TV programming like Empire and Love and Hiphop which does not portray educational virtuosity but supports just the opposite. What people see most they become.

In China, they cut some scenes out of the film, “Men in Black” because it portrayed Chinese men as bad guys. Blacks should learn from this and studying mental programming. Fix the programming and you fix the people. Every time a black person makes a film it involved a rapper, drug dealer and killer, then they wonder why education isn’t a thing.

23. Why do I have to be mixed in order to have long hair?
Blame your fellow sisters who like to perm (burn) their hair. Or strangle it to death with braids and weaves giving it no room to breathe. In public, all I see are hair-hats on black women. If they left they hair alone, this wouldn’t be a sterotype. Nerissa Irving (pictured below), 100% black woman doesn’t seem to have a problem with long hair.

Nerissa Irving long dread locks

24. Why don’t you think well off blacks people know what it means to be black?
To be “black”, means to either have flamboyant swagger and/or to have struggled. Well off blacks seem to be as uptight as the whites they sometimes emulate and do not know struggle.

25. Why do some black people say, “I have native American in my family”?
This goes back to the Dawes Roll. “$5 Indian” was the term. Native American’s have been awarded privileges within the United States based on the Dawes Roll. This is just anther tradition which has lost its original purpose and now used as a vanity fixation just like the mixed person.

26. Why can’t we just acknowledge that there are a bunch of different black people walking around and they’re all amazing?
See question 16.

27. Why are we always looking for a discount?
Because we should be. Ask any great businessman, you never pay full price for anything. That is one of the secrets to gettin rich. Also, because blacks are accustomed to being poor and poverty sometimes breeds frugality.