Hannibal is at the Gate
Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 4
Moorish Sovereignty Debunked
Special Guest: KhemsaNu Ajoktu

Personalities: Charbie & Ali “Hannibal X” Shakur

We all seek happiness in some version or another. Obtaining it is a different dialogue. Happiness is the creation of the state of a perfect balance between material needs and spiritual aspirations. In a perfect world, the path would be followed from that Mysticism which has been provided by the Creator. Respecting these laws, all Human beings may exist in harmony with themselves and others in a natural environment.

The unpublished curriculum in this and other subject matters is designed to assist in tapping into that which you have been purposely programmed doesn’t exist or isn’t valuable. In this course, the internet on no level is your in terms of any researching.

We have been fortunate enough as a team, to possess and maintain control over specific teachings that have only been supplied to the elite and wealthy. Now is your time to cease the excuses, skepticism, doubt, self inflicted pain, and utilize these distractions as developmental tools essential to your evolution as a being. This evolution will transcend positively into all areas of your life.

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