As I sit in my room and begin to question this solar system we live in, I often find times drifting off into daydreams that brings me moments of joy. Maybe it’s flashbacks or childhood memories who knows but it happens. When I’m not drifting off into the galaxy, I am usually focused on whatever is in front of me. Whatever that may be. To be frank let’s just say its materials; in a physical and or corporeal sense.  The material that sticks out in this illusion of time and space we exist in on this planet during this age is technology. Technology is the fusion of the mind and science/math. Advancements on technology have been rapid and unarguably astounding. The current time in space we live in is most definitely a unique one to say the least. But there is something that brings me back to the history and the past which has shaped the future we currently are present in. That one common theme that seems too prevalent throughout history seems to be the role in which governments play. Govern-u-men, through forms of propaganda, deception, brainwashing, and lies; masses of beautiful living creatures such as you and I have been tricked into false customs, beliefs, etc. about this galaxy we live in. We have been programmed and conditioned to limiting our spiritual, mental, and physical well being. We have been studied like lab rats, we’ve been socially engineered to act in such ridiculous ways against one another like animals. We ARE NOT ANIMALS. Yet we act like animals, eating other animals meat like savages. Cannibalism doesn’t seem to far are the picture. Our diets have been structured this way to keep our bodies and minds restrained from its true potential.

We are an evolving species! Evolution is real! You’re a living example. Look at the history the human species have had on this planet we exist on, it is simply amazing. Although, as we try to grow there will be forces trying to resist us from ascending. This is the role government plays when keeping a mass population of people under control. Governments are just a scapegoat and tinted window for some of the wealthiest families on this green turf. These wealthy families who hold such power are a group of select few commonly termed “elites”. The world is like a big stage and these guys direct the play. We have been mentally enslaved over centuries through various brainwashing tactics mainly pertaining through religion or money by these select few.

Governments are just a scapegoat and tinted window for some of the wealthiest families on this green turf.

First off, growing up in a baptist church, going to Sunday bible study every morning as a young boy, and going to a christian academy from kindergarten to 4th grade; Christianity has had a strong influence on my mind and upbringing. I was simply raised into religion, my father was a street dweller to say the least and put faith into this system of belief. Now I have nothing negative to say about the core message that comes with most religions similar to Christianity which is love and to treat others as you would want to; however, I have begun to see religions especially Christianity as an excuse for humanity to not morally be responsible and accountable for each other. Instead we fuss and fight over which religion and or god is indeed the true one, which religious group is the “chosen.” This is silly as this was purposely done by means of divide and conquer. The more we are divided from one another the easier it is for the power that be to control us and conquer our lives. Racism is also another method in which have engineered to be divided.

This brings me to the second way we have been brainwashed. Forms of currency has always existed as long as man existed. Whatever that may have been during that period in time. This federal reserve currency we currently ruffle through our hands is a dirty filthy rotten piece of paper. This piece of paper we have been enslaved into believing we NEED is the core of the problems that exist globally. What we NEED is Love. Strength. Unity. Economic Zealots. These federal papers (which has written on the back America’s motto “e pluribus unum” meaning out of many, one)  has done the other, it has divided us into social classes, it has made us mentally weaker and stressed. We even hate on someone we see who may have a higher amount of money than we have. Yet we still put our faith into this green paper which is the only thing that it is backed on, OUR FAITH THAT IT HAS VALUE! This paper that we value is responsible for war, poverty, crime, etc. it runs the world. Clearly this piece of paper must be powerful. Power that can be used for good or bad. Sadly, these wealthy elites who hold such enormous amount of power use it for their own sinister reasons. I recently came across a video report on youtube about NASA leaked documents that outlines topics such as technological advancements which goals are to hinder and marginalize the human race. There’s an agenda to limit our evolutionary growth here on this earth. I believe there are prepared weapons for mass destruction that will be used if need be. This is not to scare anyone but this information is important. We are not progressing as a humanity and these few powerful are interested in whatever they can possibly think of and I think depopulation is definitely considerable.

This all speculation as I’m not 100% positive that all may be indeed true. If so, we’re screwed. But let’s say we’re not screwed. Let’s say there is a chance it’s all “conspiracy.” We can’t continue to live in fear or we’ll never have the experience we are supposed to have while here. We have the ability to manifest our own destiny, our own history.


We must take responsibility and be accountable for our realities we choose to create. As a unit or collective we hold power. Three is better than one and two. It’s time we set our differences and our egos to the side and work on solutions to problems that we as humans have allowed to be created. We must re-educate our children and families. We must learn how to do the simple things such as gardening and cooking. We must provide for one another through service and acts of kindness. These are things we MUST do to move forward and leave a much better place for the next generations to come. If not, then what I described above may not be too far from being possible. We may not get to see another generation if we continue down this path of destruction we are headed. We are killing each other and ourselves. Our health is poor due to laziness and unhealthy diets. These foods we eat that are heavily processed are foreign to our bodies. The chemicals are not natural to what your body needs, its artificial. We drink liquor and smoke. As a stoner I smoke, but there are healthier alternatives to the intake of cannabis. We must explore more deeply into our self instead of looking outside of self for answers. We must stop jumping to assumptions and labeling everything. Labels are limits. Lets be free. If we shall live and let live, we must change our perceptions and start asking more questions. Instead of asking each other what have we done to help, we need to start asking what can we do to help?

By Jordan @NLITE10