Written by @VibeHi

The other day, a young lady tried to tell me that Hotep Twitter was Black Twitter. I’m telling you just as I told her, this is NOT true.

Black Twitter is a conglomerate of Millennials and Generation Z individuals, with an African-American persuasion. Their interests are sports, TV, movies, music and civil rights. The latter being lackluster. To be more specific, they love to debate Lebron James vs Stephon Curry. At the moment they are at bat with #WhiteTwitter over Cam Newton. White Twitter is obviously discriminating based upon race and Black Twitter is flustered. A Hotep wouldn’t even be arguing with racist white folk. That’s wasted energy..

The funny thing is, to a Hotep, it looks manufactured. An obvious creation to sell Super Bowl hype. Along with this hype comes Instagram models and fly outs. Hotels rooms and luxury car rentals. Stripper poles and dollars in the air. Sounds like fun..

To a Hotep, this looks like the fund to bail out inner cities is falling into the hands of the very same people who fund big government. Which trickles down the system and manifests as police brutality and cancer. It looks like we’re handing off c-notes to our so-called oppressor. Why would we give him money? Oh yeah! Cuz “turn up!”..

Black Twitter has finally caught wind of the Flint Water Crisis. I warned them back on December 21st, 2015. It was the same day that Huffington Post interviewed R. Kelly, and Black Twitter publicly accosted him for hours. The rebuttal usually is, “We can do two things at once.” Well, when you look at our position in society, you would think otherwise.

To make matters worse, people are now donating millions of water bottles to Flint, Michigan like its the horn of Africa. Diddy and The Game have used the opportunity to promote their water bottle interests, under the guise of “humanity”, as well. Maybe they meant well or maybe they didn’t, is all speculation though. What we can say, is that these people didn’t give the situation much thought. Aretha Franklin offered Hotels stays, which was the most thoughtful action by any celebrity on this matter.

The people of Flint, Michigan have been living with these conditions since the 80s. Sending water bottles is a smack in the face. I shared my thoughts on how thoughtless sending water bottles was, and I was met with resilient resistance amongst the Black Twitter membership. A few days later, film director Michael Moore launched a website detailed the circumstances. They were very similar to mine, even down to the contingency plans, as you can see from my tweets. He clearly says, “DO NOT SEND US WATER BOTTLES”.

When Black Twitter is ranting about Bill Cosby or Blac Chyna, the Hoteps are saying, “it’s a distraction”. Black Twitter will laugh and say, “a distraction from what?” The answer is, YOURSELF.

How can you uplift yourself, when most of your time is occupied with others? Let’s remove helping others from the equation completely. Let’s think about self. The so-called black community, which Hoteps may call, the Kemet community, is the sum of its individuals. If the individuals are weak, the group is weak. Also, how can we help one another if we can’t help our self?

Black Twitter is now celebrating black history, because its “Black History Month”. Welcome to the party, you’re late. Hoteps celebrate Black History all year long. But it’s great to have company once a year, I guess..

Black Twitter is a malicious malignant virus that is corrupting the minds of the masses. Evidence can be found by searching the term “Hotep” or “Hotep Twitter” in the Google search engine. Bossip with their “14 Examples Of Hotep Twitter Being Awful” is in the first page results. Or HuffPo with their “All You Need To Know About ‘Hotep’ & Black Twitter”. And that time they tried to attack the Hoteps on HuffPo. All over petty memes on Twitter. Really?

The Black Twitter community speaks so poorly of Hoteps, that an outsider would believe that we are an outcast to the society. So, let us go. You can chill with the, “How Hotep are you?” quizzes. Fall back. But we know you can’t because you love us. You love us because you want to be us. You want to have the strength to focus on self but its so much easier to focus on others. So envy consumes the ego.

We are not Black Twitter. We are Hotep Twitter. A nation of conscious individuals seeking enlightenment. When Black Twitter is ready to level up, we’ll be here. But we’re tired of the tears when white cops shoot our brothers in the street or when Big Momma dies of diabetes. All of this can be prevented but you’re too busy watching TV.

Black Twitter watches TV. Hoteps read books. Black Twitter prays. Hotep Twitter prays AND meditates. Black Twitter eats fast food. Hoteps consume organic produce and minerals. Black Twitter is in love with the Kardashians. Hoteps are in love with self. Black Twitter drags. Hoteps uplift. Hotep Twitter is fire ? and Black Twitter is ice. Black Twitter is stagnant like water that grows mold. Hotep Twitter is like a flowing river teaming with life.

We are not Black Twitter, we are Hotep Twitter. Black Twitter has a lot of growing up to do..