Activism died with the birth of Black Lives Matter

Written by Ali “Hannibal X” Shakur

I remember when activism carried with it honorable meaning. Today, it’s just a watered down pop culture fad that’s sure to die just as fast as it has risen. My prediction is, right after the 2016 Elections are over and Hillary Clinton takes Capitol Hill.

I remember when activists both white and black would openly mock the media. FOX news was almost always accused of creating fallacies the most. But now, like the strings of a puppet, the media tugs, and pulls on the limbs of blacktivism. Where the media points their cameras, they appear. Like we saw in Ferguson with the Mike Brown event.

I remember when activism would get you blackballed or as we saw with MLK, killed. By the same government that blacktivism is trying to negotiate with. Today, activism lands you a cushy seat at a news outlet, late night TV show appearances and magazines covers. Allegedly, one activist was paid $500 to interrupt an Al Sharpton speech.

Activism at its height was ACTION. The Black Panther Party and Marcus Garvey’s UNIA are the first two that come to mind. The latter will rarely be mentioned by new age black activism, or as we address it in this editorial, blacktivism. And there is a reason why…

On the surface, blacktivism looks convincing to the untrained mind. But when you dig through all the fluff there is no substance. Their subject matter is racism, white supremacy, gay rights and feminism. All of these are ideologies and only exist in the mind. What specifically are they addressing that has manifested here in reality? The short answer is NOTHING.

Many of these blacktivists are advocates for Planned Parenthood. Ironically the founder, Margaret Sanger, had her mind set on exterminating the black race by way of Church Pastors. She was quoted saying, “The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal.” Take notice that candidates of the elections reach out to black Pastors.

This new black feminist movement is shrapnel originating from white feminism. Hysterically, white feminism was funded and backed by white males like Hugh Hefner and Rockefeller. Yet, they cry of white supremacy.

Obviously, activism has lost its way.

Ask these activists about Operation Mockingbird. To the majority, this is a foreign concept. To educate, it was/is a CIA program which placed agents as journalists inside major media and news outlets. The pen is mightier than the sword. The most effective type of slavery is mental slavery.

Let’s talk about the epidemic of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) that have infiltrated our supermarkets and food supply. Why are these activists not discussing this?

Allow me to add that the front runner for black voters, Hillary Clinton has close ties with Monsanto (GMO Manufacturer). Due to the fear of Donald Trump, black voters will champion Hillary but only to their own demise.

They speak of white supremacy but who is white supremacy and who is complicit? We know, in fact, that the Federal Reserve Banking cartel is complicit. They won’t teach you this in school, so you’ll have to do your own research.

Briefly, it is the organization which owns, controls, and issues the United States Government their own money. The United States does not own its own money. JFK issued Executive Order 11110 which removed the Federal Reserve. He was asssasinated.

I remember when activists would expose the conspiracies of 9/11 using previous false flags like the Gulf of Tonkin as evidence. The latter was used to justify the Vietnam War. The NSA lied about attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin, blaming them on North Vietnam. The former was an excuse to raid the Middle East.

When juxtaposed over the war in Syria, you can start to understand why this would be relevant to an activist today. We know how activists of the past like Dr. King felt about the Vietnam war. And how Muhammad Ali felt about blacks in the military and these “wars for profit.”

“No, I’m not going 10,000 miles from home to help murder and burn another poor nation simply to continue the domination of white slave masters of the darker people the world over.” Muhammad Ali

Why don’t these activists speak on the coltan mines and the slave labor used to galvanize vital parts for the smartphones from which they spew their priviledged tantrums?

Why do they not speak on the slave labor that goes into the Nike shoes that they march and protest in? Many even line up at retail locations looking to score a pair. Even when 1,200 of their brothers are killed over sneakers per year.

With the evidence provided above, we can place these pseudo-activists into several buckets.

1. Naive. They know nothing of the things I’ve mentioned above.

2. Willfully ignorant. They know or heard of the above or similar things but have not considered giving them any attention. For whatever reason that may be.

3. The Provocateur. They may or may not know of the things above but still choose to neglect them for higher profile stories like police brutality and racism. They have discovered a way to profit or capitalize from tragedy. They transmute their followers’ emotions into self-opportunity.

4. The Cointelpro Agent. I think we all know what that is.

If one is to be an activist, one should be educated on the systems and world they are dealing with and become proactive instead of reactive. Just because the media reports something, does not make it a priority issue. Problems must be attacked at the roots, not the branches. One must think longterm over short term. One must think prevention is greater than the cure.

The work starts with self, then family, then friends, then the community. If one cannot help self, one cannot help others.

Hotep or Die!