What is this secret war against black children?

Written by M. Green

Everybody has an opinion! It’s the beauty of speech. It’s the progression of social networking. State yours, take in others. Agree, disagree, frown, smirk. We can even interact, how glorious. Some of us approach a subject with a calm, yet open mind. We want to take in all sides of an argument before we form our own judgment. While yet others will scan article titles for something to be outraged about and unleash verbal immaturity to the first username with a different opinion. It’s all beautiful. The people at the top enjoy their level-headed grind and focus while the mutants in the sewers of society cling to their childhood group thinking mentality and spew the latest popular internet conjecture. The sword kills one while the pen can free a million. A resource is only as good as its user. Right now our biggest resource as black folks is suffering and no one is even paying attention in the least bit.

Them kids is supposed to be our kin folk! No? We fail our children on all fronts in the black community. The first thing we will see when a black child is murdered (happens all too often) is an argument about who gets the blame. We are experts at the blame game. It’s a game no one ever wins, no one benefits from, and we are ALL guilty of. Nonetheless, we are experts. The father wasn’t around, he must have been a deadbeat typical black man. Brilliant. The mother chose a bad father for her child and needs to make better choices. Marvelous. It’s white supremacy’s fault. It’s patriarchy! Conservative liberals! Arachnophobia! Just pick a reason and attack. We lack so much maturity its embarrassing. We have reduced the power of our pen to invisible ink and our sword is even diminished to the type of pocket knife you buy on a field trip to the zoo. While our adults are busy battling in a pointless war of words with each other, our kids are left to fend for themselves.

black adults arguing in front of kids

A child is a sponge. They don’t just depend on us for food, clothing and shelter. When we get angry they soak up that energy. When we over eat they see the habit. Our kids NEED us to show them an environment with emotional stability, intellectual prowess, and most of all, discipline. We lack discipline as adults. If you are born black, then you have that in common with every black person born in history. Should be easy to unite. Not every black person was born Christian, gay, fat, or a label whore, so these groupings must come 2nd. Once they overrule being black, we are lost. This is what we pass on to our children. Confusion and conflict.

I myself, have five children in my household that my wife and I are responsible for putting out into the world. Our main focus is making sure they are all self-sufficient and non-disruptive to others around them. We have been raising them in majority black areas. If I were to name you their best qualities that make them extraordinary children to be around, it is pretty much the same list of reasons they have been teased and or bullied by peers. The parents of these bullies usually show zero remorse, and become confrontational themselves. The toxic environment continues and grows. From the start, educational advancement becomes a source of shame. It’s heartbreaking to witness, and no one cares.

The care is invested in selfishness. No one truly wants our race to advance. It’s going to take selflessness, generosity, and sacrifice. The harsh reality that sits deep in all of us, we will NEVER see the upgrade we want as a race in our lifetime. There’s just too much damage to repair. However, it is more than possible in the next few generations. So if you really care, you would never make an argument that a black man is just showing rich culture by walking around with his pants down to his knees. You would never partake in a movement that glorifies a woman letting every man in the neighborhood dump his DNA in her. Kids can not process these ideas in a healthy enough manner, adults barely can! So don’t eat healthy, change your gender, take pride in your putrid attitude. There’s no way I could calculate a component small enough to express how little I care about people’s personal life choices.

Everyone has a right to live however they wish, but the message we all adhere to must be more streamlined and positive. It is our kids who suffer most from these messages. I could watch sports in all my free time, only speak of my favorite teams, and still dominate out in the world. I’m just talented. But I won’t, because it would be a bad message for my kids to soak up. Preteen children do not need to know what adults do behind closed doors. It’s too distracting. Too early. A child’s world and views are too small to digest behavioral proportions to correctly apply them to their environment. We abuse them with too much unstable emotion. We damage them by over sexualizing them before they even have hormones. We fill them with unrealistic dreams that flesh injections, a basketball, or a microphone can take you anywhere you wish.

lil poopy

We allow our television shows, rap music, and public figures to all be clouded with poisonous negativity. Our little futures soak this up. Any person or movement that attempts entry into any of these areas to be a positive beacon of light, will soon after be chewed up and spit out by the masses of black people who value their own vile opinions and assumptions over unifying in celebration. You can talk it, or live it. The fact remains, our best hope to return to glory is to teach these kids! Generational wealth. Not individual riches. A ubiquitous devotion to minding one’s business, because you have business to handle, instead of minority self-expression for the purpose of acceptance. The only thing any of us need to be universally accepted is well-balanced confidence. Confidence tends to block out distractions. The greatest way to stop unwanted opinions is to pay them no mind.

I pay mind to these kid folk because I care about our people now, and well after I’m gone. So birth them. Raise them. Coach and teach them. One man or woman is easy to stop. A nation is where the strength lies. We can agree that as adults, with our preferences and important opinions, we will never all see eye to eye. At the very least, if we could just agree to disagree peacefully, it would give the next generation a chance to unite. No group will ever get along perfectly, but when respects permeates through all relationships, that is when an empire is born.

So let’s focus on this foundation. If not, lets just call it what it is. Having black pride is just a fun trend to be a part of because the skin color looks nice and the hair is cool.