White Rasta Says Black Man is God

ForbezDVD published this video today that was titled, “SaNeter Exposes the Imposter White Rasta”, and as a self-proclaimed Rastafarian, it caught my attention. First, let me start off by saying, I love what SaNeter does with his platform, as it provides a massive library of knowledge from a myriad of perspectives. BUT, Sa has his own agenda that he pushes aggressively, which turns people off. My suggestion is, as with listening to ALL people speak, use discernment. Ignore the bigotry and collect the gems. Keep the information and laugh at the rest.

So, this white Rastafarian was saying nothing but the truth. “Black man is God”, and everything else that makes our melanin molecules tingle. I thought that this opportunity would have held much greater value if SaNeter eased up on his “White Man is the Devil” doctrine and tried to focus more on their similarities. I’m no fan of interracial dating, as discussed on Episode 1 of Hannibal is at the Gate, but I’m also not gung-ho against it either. People have free will to live life as they wish.

Whether this Rasta is an impostor or not, I am not sure. Typically, throughout history, we have had moments where whites comes disguised as friendlies with ulterior motives, so I do overstand the concern. But this just goes back to my whole thesis, that black people are just disorganized. We need some sort of system in place that deals with Europeans who sympathize with Afrikan oppression.

Like you heard the black Rasta in the video say, until we get our own money and our own system in place, what is the sense of complaining? It’s not our system, we just live in it. But THAT is a CHOICE.