Written by Ali Shakur
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Before we dive deep into this thing, let’s first define DEPRESSION. I would say it is a dis-ease of the mind. All physical disease is first manifested mentally. I’ll explain another day.

As someone who has battled through depression, allow me to tell my story and then along the way, I’ll provide a remedy.

My story

When I was working for 50 Cent, my professional career was gratifying and exciting. As marketing director of the New York City region, managing a team of over 30+, and the perks of the hip-hop industry, life was great. Or so I thought…

A deep depression hit. It comes out of nowhere. Something triggers it. Usually, it’s some sort of bad news or sometimes no news at all. I remember standing on the 25th-floor balcony of my office building and thinking about jumping. I think we all contemplate suicide at least once…

In hindsight, I know exactly why. Sleep deprivation, poor diet, and lack of love. I was in the office at 8pm sharp. My night ended at 4am, due to late club nights. The parties don’t start til 2am in New York. Ha! Go do your Googles on the effects of sleep deprivation and depression.

And the music industry is SHADY! I was literally disgusted by all the blatant ass kissing and fake love. You hear about this but to actually experience it, is another thing. The industry is so wack that I literally wanted to kill myself. Ha!

Daily, I was eating cheeseburgers, hots dogs, pizza and fries alternated with waffles and pancakes. To make it through the day, I drank massive amounts of caffeine via energy drinks and coffee. At night, it was the alcohol.

To top things off, my girl was ready to go Beyonce “Lemonade” mad on me because I was never around. Meanwhile, my occupation always kept a perky pair of mammaries in my vicinity.

This was the recipe for DEPRESSION!


What we have to understand is that this thing is both biological and mental. I urge you to research the link between the thyroid gland and depression. Foods like soy, gluten, broccoli, fatty foods like fries, sugary foods like donuts, processed foods, coffee, and alcohol all disrupt the gland. This gland often falls under the misnomer of the throat chakra.

chakra vs glands

The thyroid releases the chemical messengers called hormones that regulate breathing, heart rate, central and peripheral nervous systems, body weight, muscle strength, menstrual cycles, body temperature, cholesterol levels and more!

Soy, an endocrine gland disrupter, is in almost EVERYTHING! Check the ingredients on your snacks for soy. I can almost guarantee it’s in there. As Hoteps have stated in the past, broccoli is a hybrid vegetable which also disturbs the thyroid gland, along with kale and others.

Whenever we seek to combat depression or any other dis-ease, we must take a look at our diet. As you can see from the long list of responsibilities of the thyroid gland, this step is imperative for combating depression. This is just one example but there are MANY other chemical reactions in the body which can contribute to depression. I urge you to research this further.

Before I conclude with the mental implications of depression, allow me to point out one more thing. The most conducive food for blacks is green leafy vegetables. The chlorophyll makes plants green in the sun. Melanin makes people dark in the sun. Melanin and chlorophyll are cousins. Pair the two in your diet for optimal functionality and performance. Get some SUN! The body produces vitamin D from sun energy which governs mood.

I know I mentioned kale and broccoli in a negative light previously but don’t be a Nazi about your diet. If you eat some broccoli, fine. It’s not going to kill you. Everything one consumes should be in moderation to reach harmony and balance.

Weed smokers

Often, a consistent weed smoker or pothead can become moody in the absence of their fix. This is a chemical imbalance of serotonin. On drugs, we deplete our serotonin reservoir, which is responsible for elation. When the drugs are absent, serotonin lacks in our reservoir, so a person can become irritable or even depressed. This is why one will crave marijuana ferociously and become angry when the drug is not available.

I strongly suggest frequent breaks for my fellow cannabis lovers, to allow the mind and body to recuperate from the explosion of chemical reactions caused by marijuana usage. Marijuana should be an accessory to our lives, not a crutch or a constant.

Also, I’d strongly suggest that we start moving away from burning marijuana but instead, take it as an edible. I find that the high is full body, last longer and is much more enjoyable. THC pills will do the trick along with cookies, brownies, and tea. Some soak a whole marijuana branch in a bottle of Jamaican white rum and take it as shots for medical purposes to fight cold and flu. (The edible method is HIGHLY suggested over burning but you will still be subject to serotonin depletion as Ms. Badu eludes to in her tweet. The bonus is, you don’t smell like Snoop Dogg on tour with Method Man and Redman, as the edibles leave no odor, unlike burning blunts and joints.)

One last bit of information regarding burning of cannabis: When we inhale smoke we put the toxin, carbon monoxide, into our blood stream which disrupts the endocrine gland system. So any positive gland boosting properties cause by THC may be cancelled out by the smoke inhaltion’s side effects.


Media, social media, school and work are all fear-based environments. They activate the sympathetic nervous system which keeps you in ‘fight or flight’ mode. If you suffer from depression, I would avoid these atmospheres and/or quickly learn to adapt. Learn how you conserve and protect your energy. People will steal it every chance they get. Learn HOW to say NO!

We are, whatever we tell ourselves we are. This is one of the many purposes of meditation. The subconscious mind is like a vacuum and runs off of everything it sucks in. There is nothing you can hide from it. Whatever you put in front of it, it will absorb. Movies, TV shows, music etc will incubate inside your mind and eventually take over. Reinforce positive thoughts through meditation both night and day. Throughout the day, if your depression is severe.

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”, is an ancient quote that provides valuable advice for the protection of the subconscious mind. Be selective of what you allow your mind to “see”. Nothing is possible for the conscious mind without the subconscious mind and the conscious mind is the gatekeeper or guardian of the subconscious mind.

“You are an amalgamation of all things that make up your subconscious mind.”

Also, there have been studies on social media causing depression. With all the negativity fostered on social media, are you surprised? I highly advise anyone who struggles with depression to remove themselves from it or remove it from their devices. At least until you recover and learn how to protect your energy.

Another key to happiness is non-comparison. Comparing yourself to others is going to lead to misery. Often we see people around us doing so many amazing things which leave us feeling inadequate. Focus on yourself. Learn to appreciate the little things in life. Only compare yourself to yourself. You are your only competition.

Reserve your time for loved ones exclusively. Do not be afraid to be selective with your love. It is okay to be selfish but to be selfish and selfless simultaneously, is a virtuous art.


Try this when you get a chance. Enter meditation as you normally would and after you have cleared your thoughts, visualize a moment in time where your being was fully immersed with happiness. Relive that moment in your mind and you will soon find an organic smile upon your face. This is an easy way to raise your vibrations. This works particularly well when we think of cute baby moments as well.

I will write more on the human psyche and subconscious so please subscribe.