Reincarnation by Ali Shakur

Have we been here before? The better question is, will we come back (reincarnation)?

Many, through the good in their heart, would like to “save the world”. This is an impossible task for only one person to accomplish. Insanity will ensue if someone tries to take on this task. Instead, one needs to accept the world the way it is and try to understand as much of it as possible. We are not individuals, but instead mini-souls or fragments of one large soul, which many refer to as the over-soul.

The goal of an incarnation is not to save the world but instead to save yourself. With the law of karma, cause & effect, what you put out into the world comes back. Negative energy sent outward will boomerang inward. The same with positive energy. We must seek the highest attributes of self. The noblest of deeds will elevate us. If we master self 100%, we will not incarnate back into the 3D world, but instead live forever in the cosmic (which many refer to as heaven. Although there is no heaven or hell. My personal opinion is that 3D is hell and the cosmic is heaven. So currently, we are in hell).

In the moments when we act out of our higher self, we will receive greater assistance from the cosmic (GOD). The acts of higher attributes or vibrations, connects us with our soul and provides greater attunement with our intuition and the cosmic. The intuition is our guide. It is the greater mind that never leads us wrong, unlike the brain or lower mind which is seldom correct. By being a happier and more giving person, we can raise our consciousness and activitate our innate abilities which allow us to perform acts like telepathy (which I may cover in the future).

The life that we live today is because of our past life. If we were lower vibrators in a previous life, we may incarnate in this life into poverty or other dire circumstances. If we were of good nature in a previous life, we will incarnate in this life with wonderful living conditions and the like.

There is something called regression, which one can go to a specialist for, that will put us into a state of hypnosis and allow us to access memories from a previous life. If interested, I would suggest doing this, but bring a trusted friend to watch over us while in this state (to prevent fraudulent activity).

The less distracted we are and the more we focus on becoming a better person, the more we become intuitive beings and more like the soul which animates us. Keep this in mind when in the physical world and always seek change, growth and neutrality. By neutrality, I mean, one should not stay steadfast in any one thought pattern but be willing to accept new ideas and challenge the very ones they hold onto so dearly. This is the main key to self mastery of an incarnation.

Hopefully this helped. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below.

Update: If the ever growing human population is larger than in previous years, that would mean that there are some souls which have never incarnated here before. Completely new to 3D. What of these people? Is this theory accurate or not? This is something else I contemplate on the matter of reincarnation.