The Misandristic Intersectional Feminist & the Wannabe Pundit Negro

The misandristic intersectional, BLM gender fluid Black Woman (with her sidekick the misandristic Black Male Feminist) & the Wannabe pundit Negro. Everything I do, I do for you. Literally EVERYTHING. My YouTube channel is filled with information about health risks, potential areas for growth, business tips, warnings, historical facts and so much more. Yet, you drag me.

When I told you that it makes no sense to say, “I hate FOX News” and then turn around and watch Empire, you dragged me. FOX sells Empire 30-sec commercial slots for $750,000, which is the highest valued slot on TV outside of sports. We literally support the people we say is oppressing us. Yet, you drag me.

When I told you that Ahmed was a false-flag, you dragged me. I told you Ahmed wasn’t black, but under the term POC, you said he was one of us. Was he one of us when he decided to move to Qatar, which is on the other side of Saudi Arabia? Was he ever claiming to be black or Arab? Once again, you chose another race, over your own kind. Not only that, but a race that most of you don’t know, enslaved Africans before the so-called white man. And much more brutally might I add. Not to mention that they still holds slaves TODAY! Yet, you drag me.

Bruce Jenner received fanfare for turning into a woman and when the Hoteps responded with disdain, it was the misandristic intersectional BLM gender fluid Black Woman (with her sidekick the misandristic Black Male Feminist) who resisted. Whose side are you on? LGBTQ or Black? John H. Clarke said that blacks’ main problem is that they are everything but black FIRST. Yet, you drag me.

Adele came back with ONE song. ONE, and Black Twitter erupted. In a furious rant, I resisted with authority. Who was there to save Adele? None other than the, intersectional BLM gender fluid Black Woman and the Wannabe pundit Negro. There are way more black talented singers out here; discovered and undiscovered that just doesn’t get the same push as Adele? Why? Because, they are not White and British. After all, Modern-America is a White-British colony. Yet, you drag me.

Hoteps have been going insane about healthy dieting and have been met with nothing but resistance. And guess by whom? The intersectional-BLM gender fluid Black Woman & the Wannabe pundit Negro. Even when the WHO announced that meat was causing cancer, the news was completely ignored.

44% of black women in america have high blood pressure. That’s nearly half of our black female population. How can you be for women’s best interest but never talk about these things? Yet, you drag me.

What I’ve learned is that you all are just emotional irrational creatures that just like to read their own tweets. You’re addicted to the retweets, attention and ego-driven. But there’s no action behind the words. You’re spoiled narcissistic brats that can’t tolerate having someone disagree with you. You say that women’s voices should not be silenced or erased. But you spend all day on Twitter, silencing and erasing voices of the people who have your best interest at heart. Then you hide all of this under the banner of “DRAGGING”. I can’t take you divas serious anymore. #HotepOrDie