Why is Ayesha Curry a threat to black feminism?

Written by Ali “Hannibal X” Shakur”

Why is Ayesha Curry even a discussion? That’s what we’ll address in this editorial.

All of this goes back to the nuclear family structure. Keep in mind that Black Lives Matter has vowed to destroy this, as they have admitted on their website in the black villages section. There is an ongoing stereotype that this is rare in the black community and that which is rare will always garner envy and attention.

One thing is for certain, black fathers outperform their white and latino counterparts in “being an involved dad”, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

black fatherhood statistics

On the other hand, 25% of white households have single parents as opposed to 66% for black households. That’s a staggering disparity. More than half of black children grow up without two parents.

You can see the effects of this disparity foster itself when it comes to household net worth. Blacks average $11,000 compared to $141,000 for whites.

black vs white families networth gap

The purpose of the information above is to highlight the power and weakness of the black family. Now, let’s talk about these women who are the antithesis of what it is that Ayesha Curry represents, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Ayesha is the “wholesome” housewife that every son in America would love to bring home to mother. Most notably in the social atmosphere is how she dresses conservatively and admittedly so.

Let it be known that black media has been complicit in destroying the values of the black household as The Root has published an article to criticize Ayesha Curry’s comments. The article titled “Here’s What’s Wrong With Ayesha Curry’s Tweet” provides further evidence to illustrate how these black media outlets cannot be trusted due to their divisive nature and lack of unbias black interests. Let’s make a note of how this same black media outlet has many pro-Amber Rose articles, one of which praises her as “heroic”. So, you hate on the wholesome married black mother but praise the hoe-ish white girl baby momma? Is this really black media in 2016? I think it’s time blacks revisit the media that represents them. Many of these blogs are controlled by black feminists and their propaganda seeks to destroy anything respectable and anoint the ignorance. They hide their motives behind terms like, “respectability politics”.

There is a recent trend to make promiscuity popular and acceptable. But the Ayesha Curry effect is threatening to this agenda, so she will draw “hate”. Mostly black feminism is leading this charge of sexual freedom but their leader is a “white woman” ironically. Amber Rose and the slut walk were their huge introduction. Of all the things women could walk for: science and math scholastics, law and medicine scholastics, agriculture and finance, but they chose “slut walk”. WoW!

Amber rose slut walk

On one hand feminism speaks of cultural appropriation and erasure but here they are following behind a white woman with plastic black features. And she’s making bank off THEIR physical attributes. If that’s not cultural appropriation, I don’t know what is!

They even call her “Muva” or mother. These black women subconsciously worship white women but consciously they don’t know it. Amber is the best of both worlds. She gets the benefits of white privilege and a hood pass because FAT ASS and twerk capabilities. Everything these lost black feminists aspire for.

Her and others are leading this charge of so-called sexual independence. The woman in the tweet below rejects the notion that being a “hoe” even exists. They’ll stop at nothing to make excuses for unbridled sexual behavior. I wish they would use this logic when it came to gender, as they make up 1,001 new genders for people to identify as. According to them, I’m hetero­nor­mat­ive gender binary straight cisgender biological sex/assigned sex human. See how confusing things get?

The sexually independent are really sexual predators. These are people stuck in their lowest self, operating only on animal consciousness and nothing spiritual. Because there is nothing spiritual about sharing your body with numerous people, whether man or woman. With their sexual prowess, they wish to suck the life out of their prey and give nothing in return.

These sexual predators are competing for “good men” against the Ayesha Currys of the world. They brag about sleeping with married men and breaking up happy homes. They get a thrill out of it. They are predators.

Many of them looking for a rapper or ball player to leech off of. Black male parasites is what they are. The goal is to get pregnant, if marriage is not possible (for alimony purposes), because the baby is their meal ticket in the form of exaggerated child support payments awarded by “the white man”. Ironically, the same “white man” they claim they are fighting. One day I’ll go into the psycho effects of what this can do to the children but you can begin to imagine.

The Ayesha Currys of the world treasure the binary gender traditional nuclear family structure. They are eager to take on the many challenges marriage takes along with building a happy home for children. The sexual predators, however, are lazy and want to do nothing but to lie on their backs for a come up. The Ayesha Currys are a threat to the market. Think about the explosion of Instagram models making a pretty decent living from their bodies as a bottle girl, herbal tea endorser, or whatever. If men started seeking the wholesome girl, these women might have to go get a real job.

Many of these sexual predators are victims of other sexual predators so they perpetuate the madness. Look at Amber Rose’ past. She was stripping as a teenager with a broken family. Many of these women come from a disheveled past and battle anxiety with depression. Simply put, they do not need feminism, they need healing, therapy, and love.

I believe it is imperative that the black community eradicates this type of thinking before it grows into something uncontrollable. An oversexed Godzilla leaving in its wake, a sea of broken homes. We must call this type of behavior what its been called throughout history, prostitution. Maybe there is a need for prostitution in society, who knows? But we must make a clear distinction between what is acceptable behavior and what is not when it comes to the black family.

Just to make things clear, there is a double standard when it comes to men and I do think it is unfair. Men should also NOT be hoes and learn to control their lower nature. The book “Think and Grow Rich” discusses how men become more successful the less they chase sex. And for women, because you are the progenitors of society, you should hold yourself to a higher standard than men. As Char always says, “A woman who seeks to be like a man has no ambition.”

“A woman who seeks to be like a man has no ambition.”

For a man, these Amber Rose types are great for the night, but the Ayesha Curry types are GREAT for life!