FDA approves GMO salmon for human consumption

While everyone is being distracted by Paris, black student protests and other subjectively not so important issues, our food supply is being poisoned. Are terror threats and racism an issue? Yes! But we eat daily, most people 3-5 times. Shouldn’t it concern you that what you put in your mouth is not safe? When will people wake up to these risks of GMO foods?

The Food and Drug Administration has approved genetically modified salmon, the first altered animal for human consumption in the United States.

The FDA made the announcement on Thursday.

The White House has stalled for more than five years on deciding whether to approve a fast-growing salmon.

By altering genetic materials, scientists have proposed – and in some cases, actually created – animals that would be bred to be disease-free, cleaner in their environments or grow more efficiently.

Opponents of the technology have taken advantage of increasing consumer concern about genetically modified foods and have urged several major retailers not to sell it.

This article appeared on 6abc.com and we were tipped off by @TheWILLinPower