San Bernardino shooting: 8 Reasons why this is a false flag

The San Bernardino shooting is an obvious false flag but first, let’s define what a false flag is.

A false flag is a violent event that usually results in the alleged loss of life, that deceives, by placing blame on a party other than the one actually committing the crime. Some false flags never actually happen but are staged like the Gulf of Tonkin incident when America said they were attacked by N. Vietnam, but nothing ever happened. Or they can be real events that are just blown out of proportion to distract like Ahmed the clock boy. In a nutshell, event level deception that comes with a motive. In this case, the motive is to grant more support for a war against ISIS and stricter gun control laws.

Update: As you can see by this latest report, they are now linking this so-called shooting to ISIS. How convenient. Now the USA masses will back the war against ISIS with even more support.


The Swat teams were performing drills at the exact time this took place for the exact same scenario. Paris-area emergency personnel and ambulance crews were taking part in a simulated emergency exercise on the very same day the Paris terrorist attacks took place.


This media report where people are called “actors”:


Farook just came back from Saudi Arabia, where he found a wife and baby momma through online dating sites. We know Saudi Arabia is the capitol of terrorism and their beheading practices are recent proof. Not to mention their financial and physical implications with the worst false flag of our generation, 9/11, where Saudis were allowed to leave America days after 9/11.


We have conflicting reports. This one states that Farook was killed in a shootout with a Farook and a Malik but this one states that, “The sources could not say for certain that he was in the SUV, if he was a shooter, or that he is one of the dead. The sources did say that Syed Farook is known to be a U.S. citizen.” The family has not been able to track down recently named suspect Syed Farook or his wife since Wednesday morning, said Hussam Ayloush, executive director of CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations).

So which one is it? Is Farook dead or not? And if it’s not Farook, then who was shot in this alleged shootout?


Who is the third person? What’s their name? Why do we have no information on them? If they were brought in as a suspect, why were they brought in as a suspect?


Numerology: Take notice of how many times the number 13 occurs but keep in mind that the Paris shooting occurred on November 13th.

14 dead and 17 injured
14+17=31 inverted 13
Address 1365 S Waterman Ave


The morning of this obvious false flag, Russia was presenting proof that Turkey was doing oil deals with so-called ISIS, and ally of the United States. HandyMayhem makes the prediction.


The media is just way too predictable. When they stated the suspects’ names, I knew they were going to blame this on ISIS, and recent reports reveal this. SMH

In conclusion, there are way too many holes in this story and not enough evidence to support the claims. Where is the footage of this alleged shooting? People are hiding in a bathroom during the shooting. Where are their police calls and/or video clips? Is Farook and his wife the new Bonnie and Clyde? Are they at large or dead? I guess we have to wait for the next episode of Dragon Ball Z to find out.