Video: Cop shoots woman trying to run him over

New body camera footage released by police in Oklahoma shows a woman in an allegedly stolen SUV driving directly at a police officer, who fires two rounds to stop her. Both escaped without serious injury.

Master Patrol Officer Matt Stacy, a five-year veteran of the Sand Springs Police Department, had arrived on the scene at the Northwood Fine Arts Academy to set up a tire spike system to stop Stacey Ann Bunsey, 41, who was driving the stolen vehicle through a parking lot. As Officer Stacy exited his police cruiser at the entryway of the lot, the video shows that Bunsey accelerated in his direction, narrowly missing him while smashing into his squad car.

Footage from Stacy’s body camera, released Monday by the Sand Springs Police Department, shows the officer firing twice at the vehicle as Bunsey drove straight at him.

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