10 Zendaya-like Black Owned “Barbie” Dolls You Can Actually Purchase

Yesterday, to my disappointment, Black Twitter was in an uproar over the new Zendaya Barbie Doll, revealed at the Barbie™ Rock ‘N Royals Concert Experience on September 26, 2015 at the Hollywood Palladium.

My issue is, this is NOT a win for blacks. This is a win for Zendaya, Mattel (Barbie manufacturer) and all parties involved. The illusion of inclusion is killing blacks slowly. Why do we celebrate so avidly when the so-called oppressor recognizes us? The same ones we know consistently try to oppress us, kills us and make us look bad in the media, we jump for joy at when they pat us on the head.

It’s like a dog and his master. The master trains the dog and the dog obeys. When the dog performs well, the master gives it a treat. These little honors and awards are doggy treats. These are NOT tangible wins. They’re moral victories, which do not hire, feed or teach blacks anything of importance. The proceeds will never make it into our communities.

Furthermore, the main beneficiary of this event was the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. Are we not all familiar with the scam that is the non-profit industry in America? “Non-profit” being a guise for a corporation which does not pay taxes and makes a ton of money. Will VH1 do anything for the black community, other than provide retarded programming on TV? While 59% of black households tune into VH1 to watch their favorite primetime show, Love & Hiphop, which makes blacks look like complete idiots. In addition, programs minds to imitate what they see and cause harsh ramifications in the black community. If your girl watches reality TV, your relationship will be rocky.

Black Programming HIATG

Black Preferred Networks HIATG

Lastly, while blacks were celebrating this pseudo-victory, we already had 19 other African centered doll companies that are black-owned. Once, again. Who gives a damn that white folks FINALLY want to recognize a black woman’s natural beauty, but ONLY when it benefits the white bank account.

And don’t say they (african dolls) are too expensive, because the mindset that a child carries throughout life is priceless, therefore making it worth the investment. Spending double with your own people is better than saving 50% by spending with the so-called oppressor. STOP FUNDING YOUR OWN OPPRESSION.

Since the Zendaya doll will NOT be for sale, God-forbid they have dreadlock Barbie Dolls on shelves for Christmas at Toy R Us, here is a list of black-owned African centered Dolls you CAN purchase.

1. Rooti Dolls
2. Keisha Cane
3. Queens of Africa Dolls
4. Positively Perfect Dolls
5. Ntombenhle Dolls
6. My Black Doll
7. Naturally Perfect Dolls
8. Natural Girls United
9. Nandikwa Dolls
10. KK Curly Kids

List provided by BinoAndFino.com