Hotep Manifesto II – Black Roses

Written by Ali Shakur

Before you grew into this world, you were a seed. And with that seed was pure love. The most high knows no evil so you don’t know evil. Distant memories from past lives cultivate the potentiality for your infinite existence. How many times have you been here before? Will you come back for more? Or will you deplore everything your ego wants to explore?

Here you are in the flesh but that’s not you. Your body is just a physical representation of karmic displacement. Everything you were ever faced with is what “they” made your face with. Your strengths are where you focus. Your weaknesses are just potential strengths. High power!

God body, Hotep! We never slow step, we pro-gress. No stress because we possess ancient knowledge that overrides the ego. Third eye winking at our problems. Pineal visions put us in position to manifest everything we’re wishing. Who needs tuition when you have intuition?

Characteristics water-like. If they got a thirst for knowledge, our cups runneth over. If they flood the hood with alcohol we turn wine to water. Mind over slaughter. We don’t teach hoe-ness, we teach wholeness to our daughters. Master teachers like Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Jonh Henrik Clarke and Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan taught us.

Green fields with black roses; we all bloom. The aura is ne plus ultra. Illuminated like Luna. Our roots are deep. That series called “Roots” ain’t our roots, don’t sleep. Our deoxyribonucleic acids date back to a time when the Albion was absent. Ask Dr. Yakub.

80% won’t make it because their ego is exposed and naked. The other 20% has the power but 15% of them are too scared to take it. Those remaining are Hotep, black roses, rare and sacred. Are you too scared to be sacred or too sacred to be scared?

Black roses cracking the pavement. Anomalies cracking the codes of the matrix. Six, six, six is Carbon-12, not Satan. Meditation is how you build patience or lack of, is how you build patients. The Bible ain’t the only Holy book. The Torah ain’t the only holy book. Have you ever seen a library with only one lonely book? Have you ever heard of the Book of the Dead? Do you know how many stolen books from Africa lie in the Vatican basement that will never be read?

Black Roses means, be different. Black roses means black AND beautiful. Black roses means mystifying and enigmatic. Black roses means ora et labora. Black roses means Hotep or Die. And Hotep means LOVE.

Hotep or DIE!

Post script:
Hotep is leading a magical renaissance that will transform societies seemingly overnight. The work of a Hotep is effortless. Masters of energy. Anything is possible and within reach. You don’t have to change for society. Create a new way and society will change for you. The upper echelon of cosmic consciousness can be reached through detachment from self-identity. Who you think you are, you are not. Who you are is who you were and who you will be. The quintessence of divine potentiality. All you have to do is close your eyes, and you will see.